Topics will be divided as follows:


1) Photonics, plasmonics, and nanophotonics :

– Photonics and optoelectronics 5h + 3h of practical experiments

– Plasmonics + Metamaterials 3h + 4h of practical experiments

– Nonlinear photonics 2h

– THz photonics and optoelectronics 2h


2) Nanoelectronics and nanomagnetism:

– Introduction to Nanoelectronics 6h

– Magnetic thin films and spintronics 3h + 4h of practical experiments

– Mesoscopic physics 3h


The programme for the 2018 NANO3 summer school is given below:

(attachment 1) Syllabus

(attachment 2) Timetable



The team of professors is composed of professors from Paris-Saclay University and CNRS (National Research Centre) researchers. These professors regularly teach in the Master 2 Nanosciences of Paris-Saclay University and in international masters.


Besides theoretical courses, the scientific training consists of:

– an introductory session of the French research system,

– practical trainings in research laboratories;

– visits of 3 major laboratories of the physics department, including a visit of C2N, LPS (Laboratory of Solid Physics) and ISMO (Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay);

– industrial presentations and seminars;

– research projects and immersion in laboratories

– a mini-conference (« workshop ») at the end of the school to assess the results of the research projects;


Finally, the NANO3 school will include a training specially dedicated to the preparation of PhD applications in France, in particular through the China Scholarship Council and the French Doctoral Schools.